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Thu, Jun 8, 2023

Alex Lifeson's new country home featured in today's Toronto Globe and Mail

Thu, Aug 1, 2013@11:21AM | comments

The Toronto Globe and Mail ran a feature in the Home & Garden section of today's edition where they profile Alex Lifeson's brand new country home. The house is set on an 8 1/2-acre parcel carved out of a century farm to the north of Toronto. Alex's wife Charlene and Toronto-based architect Dimitri Papatheodorou are interviewed in the article and several photos are on display. From the article:

... "It was pretty obvious that the house wanted to align with the cosmos," [Papatheodorou] says. Now the rolling hills north of Toronto offer a tranquil setting for family gatherings, and the trees provide seclusion for Mr. Lifeson during downtime from a demanding schedule of touring as guitarist for the hallowed Canadian rock band Rush. ... Ms. Zivojinovich says the floor-to-ceiling windows and many walk-outs along the south façade make the large outdoor living room seem like an extension of the interior. "It does feel as if the outside and inside are really connected," she says. Now the Lifesons' young grandchildren enjoy the family haven as much as the adults do. Everyone has started referring to the place in the country by the moniker coined by one young grandson, says Ms. Zivojinovich. "He always asks, 'Are we going to the special house?'"

You can read the entire article and view a photo gallery at this location.