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Fri, Jun 2, 2023

Rush makes CBC Music's list of the 100 greatest Canadian albums ever

Tue, Jul 30, 2013@11:01AM | comments

CBC Music has compiled their list of the 100 greatest Canadian albums ever with the help of a diverse array of Canadian musicians, writers, actors and artists. Over the past few weeks they've revealed the list on the CBC Music website and 2 Rush albums made the cut. Coming in at #100 was Rush's Moving Pictures album:

"The ultimate Rush record! Filled with muso riffs - the playing was simply off the charts. When it came out, every Canadian musician wanted to learn the entire record for sheer bragging rights. It has also stood the test of time with hits such as "Tom Sawyer," "Limelight" and our hometown anthem, "YYZ," that have all reached pop culture status - just like the band." - Ian Thornley, Big Wreck

Coming in at #17 was Rush's breakthrough 2112 album:

"The thing I love is that it was basically a rebellious record. Being a huge Rush fan, the fact that the first three records kind of tanked and they were told by their company not to do anymore long, epic songs. So in the classic rock 'n' roll tradition, they said, 'OK,' and then of course did their longest, most epic song. It was a total middle finger to the record companies and the music industry. You think of Rush as being this enduring, 35-year, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Canadian legendary band, but at one time they were still basically nobodies and instead of doing what they were told, they did the opposite and became these massive icons because they decided to do things their own way." - Chris Jericho, champion wrestler and lead singer-songwriter of Fozzy