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Fri, Jun 14, 2024

New interview with Rush lighting director Howard Ungerleider

Tue, Jul 23, 2013@8:20AM | comments removed/disabled

UPDATE - 7/23@11:06AM: Also of note from the interview is this excerpt where Howard addresses when the band's next tour may be:

... Are they talking about touring again? Yes. They're talking about possibly touring in two years. But there will be nothing again for two years, we know that. ...

This makes it sound like they definitely will not be touring next year, but may do so in 2015.

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Live Journal user squintyt4e recently sat down with Rush lighting director Howard Ungerleider for an in-depth interview before the band's June 25th show at the SPAC in Saratoga Springs. Howard talks at length about all the technical aspects of Rush's elaborate stage show and lighting on the Clockwork Angels tour. Here's Howard on the placement of the string section:

... There was a big debate on that. It went on for a few months. Eight months before the tour started we were coming up with all sorts of questions, "What do we do with them? Do we put them on a riser? Do we make them come off the ground? Do we put them on this?" We finally came up with a concept. There were about six of us involved in making that decision [laughs] until it finally worked. ... [not disrupting the flow] was one of the things that we were worried about. It keeps them in the background where they are and it also adds another dimension to the stage. You've got the screen, them, and the band. So that's now your third dimension really. I think it works really, really nicely. ...

You can read the entire interview online at this location.

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