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Sat, May 27, 2023

New Rush audio oddities/rarities from MitA

Wed, Jul 10, 2013@10:13AM | comments

It's been over 2 years since his last update, but MusicInTheAbstract - owner and operator of the MitA's Rush Oddities site - has finally posted several new Rush audio nuggets to share with us all. You can listen by clicking the following links or just use the player below. Thanks MitA!!

[Tom Sawyer "Lost-ending", from the cutting-room floor!]
[Another Geddy "Cameo" vocal appearance in Finjan klezmer-music recording]
[Alex and Neil Jam during Geddy equipment failure]
[John Rutsey Speaks - introduces song in early Rush live performance]
[Geddy Thanks the Audience with some Salty Language]
[2112 Temples of Syrinx Isolated Geddy Vocal part]
[Main Monkey Business - Isolated Geddy bass performance]
[Power Windows Tour pre-concert Sound Check (4 songs)]
[The Weapon, lyrics missing - from the Gold Ultra Disc II release of Signals]
[Cygnus X-1 - rare concert 'trainwreck']
[Alex 'vocal performance' on Bravado]
[The Trees 'Telepath' dance remix]