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Sun, Apr 21, 2024

Geddy Lee talks Rock Hall induction in new interview with The Independent

Tue, Apr 30, 2013@9:59AM | comments removed/disabled

In the lead-up to Rush's upcoming UK tour, a short, new interview with Geddy Lee appears in today's edition of The Independent. Geddy talks about the band's recent Rock Hall induction and why it took so long:

... "For years, I think it was almost taboo for people to acknowledge the influence of such a freak-flag band as Rush," ... "More recently, there's been a maturing of our audience into positions of success and power." ... Lee's unusually high voice has also made things tricky at times, one critic famously describing him as sounding like "a chipmunk on acid". "'The damned howling in Hades' was another one," the singer laughs, "but it suited what we were doing back then and I was never going to change that. The gibes were painful at first; I'm a human being. I just grew a thick skin and learnt to accept that my voice is part of what makes Rush unique." ...

In closing, Lee explains Rush's longevity:

... "We've been able to sin in silence, and fortunately whatever transgressions there have been have slipped by relatively unnoticed," he says. "We all have healthy relationships, and there's something in our nature that's not for quitting, whether it's a band or a marriage. Maybe it's a Canadian thing."

You can read the entire article/interview online here.

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