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Mon, May 20, 2024

New book Diehards features original essay by Neil Peart

Mon, Apr 8, 2013@10:05AM | comments removed/disabled

A new concert photography book by Erin Feinberg titled Diehards was released last month. The book focuses on photographs of concert audiences and includes an original essay by Neil Peart. From the book's description:

DIEHARDS is an inside look at the energy and spirit that fuel every live show the fans.

Intrigued by the character and culture of music fans, Erin Feinberg spent a decade photographing audiences across all genres, from every vantage point out in the parking lots, up in the rafters,around the stages, and from inside the mosh pits. Captured in more than one hundred stunning images, Feinberg's photos draw you in to the fans mindset, free of inhibitions and under the spell of music!

Feinberg shares, I discovered a unique bond among these enthusiasts that transcends language, ethnicity, gender, and even the very music we are celebrating because the music also seems to define who we are. And through my lens I ve witnessed fan subcultures born of this devotion.

The photographs are bookended by original essays from two music legends, Bruce Springsteen and Neil Peart. Sharing perspectives from opposite ends of the stage, both performers beautifully articulate the power of their loyal, passionate audiences, as individuals and en masse.

The description also contains a small excerpt from Neil Peart's essay:

In a very real way, we, as performers, ought to bring everything we have to every show. It is also important to remember that people in the audience often bring everything they have, too. -Neil Peart

The book can be purchased on Amazon at this location. Thanks to John at for the heads up.

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