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Fri, Jun 2, 2023

Rock Hall induction ceremony Rush rehearsal footage released

Mon, Apr 1, 2013@7:25AM | comments

UPDATE - 4/1@7:54PM: APRIL FOOLS!!!! ... in case you hadn't already figured it out. Hopefully you all enjoyed this year's joke. Thanks for playing along and being good sports about it. Now if they do actually play Final Countdown at the induction, it'll be me looking like the fool! :)

Rush and the Rock HallLast week the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame released several new details regarding the upcoming April 18th induction ceremony where Rush will be inducted, including the list of performers. You can check out the full list of presenters and performers at the Rock Hall website. We've known for some time now that Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters will be inducting Rush, although we still haven't heard any details as to which songs Rush will play or what the plans for the all-star jam at the end are. Many fans have wondered which of the inductees and other performers would be involved in the jam. It would make sense for Rush and Heart to perform together since they are the 2 rock acts being inducted - but what about the other inductees? It turns out that rehearsals for the ceremony were held this past week and April Fulton of the Hollywood Star was able to get some exclusive video of the performance, so we now have a few details to report. The video is just a few minutes, but you can clearly see that all three members of Rush participate in the jam and - not surprisingly - Grohl and Hawkins along with Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart are also included in the performance. However, what's especially interesting is the song that they chose to play along with the other inductees and surprise guests that are involved. You can check out the video below or at this location: