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Mon, Apr 23, 2018

New Neil Peart news update at

Thu, Oct 11, 2012@9:57PM | comments

[NEWS, WEATHER, and SPORTS: October, 2012 - The Better Angels]

Neil PeartNeil Peart has taken advantage of the band's 10-day break in the tour and updated the news page on his website this evening with a story titled The Better Angels. Neil discusses his motorcycle travels between tour stops from the first leg of the Clockwork Angels tour intermingled with bits of philosophical musings. He also talks a little about the tour itself towards the end of the essay:

... Just before band rehearsals I wrote a piece for Drum Workshop's Edge magazine about my long preparations, physically and musically, and each of us brought that dedication to the rehearsal hall from the beginning. Over the course of many months, we built up the most musically adventurous and visually "active" show we have ever presented. Deciding to do two different shows on alternate nights, with a number of songs changing, and even a few "one-off" songs for special occasions, has been uplifting for us. Perhaps most uplifting of all has been adding "guest musicians" to our show for the first time in our lengthy career. Having the Clockwork Angels String Ensemble join us makes the second set really special. The eight string players were chosen by arranger David Campbell, who wrote the scores for the Clockwork Angels album as well as for a number of older songs in the set. ...

It's a long update, spanning 2 pages but well worth the read. Be warned however that there are a few tour spoilers towards the end of the essay. There's no mention of the band's Rock Hall nomination either, so Neil likely wrote the piece prior to the announcement or didn't care to comment. You can read the whole thing at this location.