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Thu, Nov 21, 2019

Rush feature in August issue of Brazilian magazine Roadie Crew

Wed, Aug 29, 2012@4:19PM | comments

Roadie Crew - RushRush is featured on the cover of the August, 2012 issue of Brazilian metal magazine Roadie Crew. They speak with Alex Lifeson about the Clockwork Angels album and upcoming tour along with a few other subjects. Reader andrelam recently picked up the issue and translated portions of it to English, highlighting some of the more interesting tidbits. The cover tagline reads Rush: Marking Generations and the article itself is titled RUSH: Artists in the True Sense of the Word. Alex touches on how it would be interesting to him if Rush were to release one or two songs - similar to what was done with Caravan/BU2B - but without any connection with a new album. He also hasn't read the Clockwork Angels novel yet but plans to. Alex also talked a bit about the upcoming Clockwork Angels tour set list. Here's a loose translation of what he had to say:

The set list always changes when we start rehearsing. So I do not know, honestly, if we will play the whole new album live. Certainly, however, we will play several songs from it. It is important for us to create a good mixture of all our stuff. We can not play for five hours, it's not possible to do something like that. So, we have to be careful and precise. For now, I can say that we're working on some songs we had not played for many years. Furthermore, we will be using the string orchestra to present some special things as well. It will be a different and very interesting tour.

Also, he said that they will not be playing 2112 in its entirety but that the idea is under consideration for a future tour. Finally, he mentions that it's very likely that they will bring the tour to South America on the second leg in 2013.