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Wed, Nov 13, 2019

Alex Lifeson reminisces about 1977 in new Classic Rock interview

Tue, Jul 17, 2012@10:59PM | comments

Classic Rock special Jubilee issueClassic Rock magazine published a special Jubilee issue of their magazine last month in celebration of the rock music of 1977 - the year of the Queen's Silver Jubilee. Alex Lifeson is interviewed on page 85 and talks about the importance of 1977 to himself and to Rush, who released their classic A Farewell to Kings album that year.

... [Xanadu] was the first song we recorded, on the first day, and the engineer, Pat Moran, was blown away that we played this 11-minute song all in one take. We'd rehearsed it, we'd been playing it live, but Pat was astonished that we were able to just throw it down. ...

You can check out a scan of the article here. Thanks to Gavin O for the heads up and the scan.