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Thu, Nov 21, 2019

Alex Lifeson talks Clockwork Angels in new interview

Sun, Jul 8, 2012@9:58AM | comments

Alex Lifeson was recently interviewed for the Times of Oman by Gary Graff of the New York Times News Service to talk about Rush's Clockwork Angels album. Alex covers many of the same topics that have been brought up in other recent interviews, and also talks a bit about the upcoming tour:

... Rush will start its Clockwork Angels tour on September 7, accompanied by a string section to recreate some of the new album's songs as well as some of the group's older material.

Composer/orchestrator David Campbell, who worked on the album, has written new arrangements for the live show

"It's just something else that's different for us," Lifeson says, "and I can't wait to hear what it sounds like. It's new staging, new lighting, everything is new and fresh about it. I would say that it's an evolutionary extension of what the Time Machine tour was, but we are definitely freshening it up and there'll be a lot of new video stuff going on." ...

You can read the entire article/interview at this link.