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Tue, May 17, 2022

New Geddy Lee interview in latest issue of Prog magazine

Wed, May 23, 2012@3:27PM | comments

UPDATE - 5/29@2:52PM: John over at has transcribed the entire article and made it available online here.

Prog #26The latest issue of Prog magazine (issue 26) hit newsstands today. The issue contains a 5-page feature on Rush where Geddy Lee discusses the band's upcoming Clockwork Angels album. Geddy mostly discusses the same subjects that have been brought up in other recent interviews with most of the focus on the concept behind Clockwork Angels. When asked about the conceptual nature of the album Geddy says:

... We never set out trying to do a concept record, but this idea came to Neil and it was the idea that turned into a concept instead of looking for a concept. We've always tried to keep ourselves open and we've never tried to pre-plan our destiny, rather to see where we are at any given time. But this idea struck Neil and we all went 'Fuck it, let's do another one.' ...

He was also asked about the hotly-anticipated Vapor Trails remix and revealed the following interesting bit of news:

That was an idea but it's now been shifted down. Rather than remix the entire album we might now take a bunch of different songs from albums and get different people to remix them for fun, rather than just do Vapor Trails. It's an idea in flux.

The article also contains a short sidebar interview with Rush graphic artist Hugh Syme. Thanks to Tony R for the heads up and the excerpts.