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Sun, Apr 21, 2024

ABC 1974 CD of Rush's first recorded live performance now available for pre-order

Mon, Oct 10, 2011@5:01PM | comments removed/disabled

We learned a couple months ago that Left Field Media would be releasing a CD of Rush's live WMMS radio broadcast of their August 26th, 1974 show at the Cleveland Agora titled Rush ABC 1974. This broadcast has been available as a bootleg for many years, but this seems to be the first legal release - legal in the UK at least. It will be available in the UK on October 24th, and in the US as an import on November 1st. As of right now it doesn't look like it will be available in Canada. It was Rush's first recorded performance in the US as well as the band's first recorded performance with Neil Peart on drums, and a young Donna Halper - who was the music director at WMMS at the time - introduced the band. It contains the early, unreleased tracks Fancy Dancer, Bad Boy (cover) and Garden Road. Thanks to Charlie W for the heads up.

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