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Thu, May 19, 2022

Rush back catalog 5.1 re-release update

Thu, Sep 22, 2011@1:57PM | comments removed/disabled

UPDATE - 9/26@1:10PM: Universal is releasing 3, 5-CD Sector box sets that may or may not be related to all this. Check out the details in this post.

Back in May of last year, Classic Rock's Prog magazine ran a feature on Rush and mentioned that Rush's back catalogue will be the subject of a major reissues campaign in 2011. We didn't hear much more about this until earlier this year when it was revealed that Rush would be re-issuing a 5.1 version of their classic Moving Pictures album, and were also working on a re-mix of 2002's Vapor Trails. Around that same time MusicTap reiterated the band's plans for re-releasing their entire Universal catalog but did not provide any further details. The Moving Pictures 5.1 released this past Spring and was a huge success. Then a few days ago sharkshark at the AVS forum posted the following to a thread on Rush 5.1 re-releases after having a run-in with Geddy Lee at the Toronto International Film Festival:

... ran into Geddy last week at TIFF - we chatted 5.1, and he said they've locked their Engineer [Rich Chycki] in with the tapes ("he's got no life"), and that they plan on doing the same treatment for all their records. ... I specifically asked about multitracks for 2112 and he said they were in decent shape. ...

Assuming this information can be trusted, we may be getting 5.1 versions of Rush's entire back catalog - not just the Universal-era stuff. This news really isn't all that surprising given the huge success of the Moving Pictures 5.1 re-mix, but it's nice to hear regardless. More information as I learn it. Many thanks to Richard S for the heads up.

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