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Sun, Sep 19, 2021

Rush Changing Hemispheres book plus 4-DVD set coming soon

Wed, Aug 24, 2011@3:30PM | comments

Rush: Changing HemispheresUK multimedia publisher Abstract Sounds Books is set to release a 116-page hardcover book and 4-DVD set titled Rush: Changing Hemispheres on Monday, September 26th in the UK. From

This is the true story of Rush from humble Canadian beginnings through to international super stardom. Featuring a masterful and comprehensive text packed with great photographs of the band this unique production also includes four documentary DVDs packed with candid audio interviews with the band members compared and contrasted with the views of a leading team of music journalists, insiders and musicologists.

This uncensored and independent title has not been viewed or approved by the band or its management and is completely free to tell the unvarnished story of Rush as it really happened. The contents of this amazing book and DVD combination are completely essential reading and viewing for Rush fans everywhere.

It's not clear whether the set will be released in the US/Canada and very few details regarding the content are known at this time. It's quite possible that this is just a repackaging of previously released material; perhaps a re-purposing of the lackluster 2006 set Inside Rush: Music in Review 1974-1981. So if you are looking to purchase this, proceed with caution. More information as I learn it. Thanks to John at and Alan D for the heads up.