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Sun, Sep 19, 2021

Rush transcript archive now available at the Power Windows website

Sat, Aug 20, 2011@11:29AM | comments

Power Windows Rush transcript archiveA Rush transcript archive has just been added to the list of features already available to Rush fans over at the Power Windows Rush fansite. The archive is a comprehensive collection of hundreds of transcripts of Rush related magazine and newspaper articles, radio programs, concert reviews, tour books and more, dating back as far as 1974 and listed in chronological order. Here's the back story from site administrator Eric:

Last month I began working on updating the "News Archives" for the albums released since 2000. This has led to a major project, the creation of "The Rush Transcript Archive"; but first, some quick back history.

The individual album News Archives began back in 2000 with the release of My Favorite Headache, when I began keeping track of various online news transcripts and the like. I later created similar archives for Vapor Trails, Feedback, Snakes, etc. Over time, however, those News Archives got lost in the depths of my various pages and were not exactly easy to find, especially to new or infrequent users to this site. With that in mind, I decided to move most of the contents of these News Archives to a single centralized page.

I quickly went to work on it and soon realized something was lacking...there was very little online content from before the year 2000. This problem was easily solved, however. As a member of the National Midnight Star mailing list, I remembered receiving transcripts of everything from magazine and newspaper articles to radio interviews and more, all shared from Rush fans from around the globe via TNMS. To flush out the pre-2000 content, the old NMS transcripts have been invaluable (note, the National Midnight Star website used to contain many transcripts as well, but it is now offline and sadly much of this content may be permamently lost!). In addition to TNMS, I have hundreds of news clippings to be found in my Tour Archive, some of which were also worthy of transcribing. And of course, I've been collecting various magazines featuring Rush through the years. I've been working on transcribing these as well, and many have also been transcribed already by other Rush websites and messageboards. So that's the back story. ...

Be sure to check out the transcript archive when you get a chance. If you have any old magazines or clippings with Rush news stories/interviews in them that aren't already listed in the archive, please send them on over to Eric at this email address. This is a great resource for the Rush fan community. Thanks Eric!