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Fri, Feb 23, 2018

Rush reference on last night's episode of The Soup on E!

Sat, Jul 2, 2011@9:36AM | comments

Just I'd alerted you to in yesterday's Rush updates post, there was a Rush reference on last night's episode of The Soup on E!. About half way into the show they were showing a clip from the ABC show Extreme Makeover - Weight Loss Edition. The clip showed a rather large African American girl who wanted to learn how to play drums sitting in a gymnasium, and her drum coach walks in playing a marching band drum. She then jumps up and hugs the guy. They then show her in an offscreen interview asking, Who is that white boy with the drums? The host Joel McHale then stops the clip and chimes in (using his best urban voice):

Is that Neil Peart? Because if it is I want him to play Tom Sawyer. Actually anything off of Moving Pictures. Even better, if he could play something from Hemispheres side 2 - hey man, he could play anything. I'm a huge Rush fan! Did I say Rush? I meant hot fudge sundaes...

You can watch the clip on YouTube below or at this link (thanks John at