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Mon, Aug 3, 2020

Bob Lefsetz reports on Monday's Rush show in Los Angeles

Thu, Jun 23, 2011@11:46AM | comments

Music industry insider Bob Lefsetz attended Rush's Monday concert at the Gibson Amphitheatre and wrote up a glowing report of the show in the latest edition of his popular Lefsetz Newsletter.

... Now was I sitting at home thinking I needed to go to the Rush show? NO! But when I heard Alex Lifeson wanted me to come, I was there. You could call me a groupie, but I love the musicians, they’re so different from the business people, they focus on creativity, they’re not about flash or cash, they’re positively human, I interact at every opportunity, they’re soul mates.

And I was surprised at the assembled multitude backstage. There’s a plethora of closet Rush fans.

Actually, they’re not so closeted. That’s what I told Alex, in a hallway outside his dressing room. He said he figured that Rush’s music wasn’t really my cup of tea. And I told him I get more e-mail about Rush than any other band. Wondering why they’re not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, telling me to watch the documentary, Rush fans are PASSIONATE!

And it struck me how normal Alex was. He told me he married his high school sweetheart, they met when he was fifteen, they’re still together, his grandkids were there! So different from the image. Then again, he’s Canadian! ...

... And it doesn’t matter that the mainstream press ignores them. That people poke fun. To those who go, it’s vitally important. Not a phase, something that hooks you and you grow out of. No, if you’re a Rush fan, you’re a fan for life!

And the band knows this.

And does its best to satiate you.

No one left early Monday night, no one wanted his money back.

They just couldn’t wait until Alex, Neil and Geddy came through town again.

Lefsetz also reported on seeing Jack Black in attendance at the show:

Jack Black was in my row, three seats away. Taking pictures on his cell phone, grooving, drumming along on his belly. And when the lights came up for intermission… He was seen, word spread, the vultures descended. It was almost scary. You think you want to be that famous, but you don’t. And Jack’s taking pictures with each and every one of them. Backstage, in the inner sanctum, he was even accosted there. He was telling this parent to shoot from above, for the proper effect. I had to go up to him, had to ask…how do you do it? Jack said: "I signed up for this. I’m here for your entertainment."

Thanks to Skip for the heads up.