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Thu, Oct 1, 2020

Jim Florentine mentions Rush on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Thu, Jun 23, 2011@7:28AM | comments

Comedian and That Metal Show co-host Jim Florentine was a guest on this past Tuesday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Florentine recently became engaged and at one point in his interview Jimmy asks him when the wedding will take place. He explains that immediately after giving his fiancee the engagement ring she asked him when he wanted to get married. So he then says to his wife...

Florentine: Did you ever here of that rock band Rush? Do you know they have an album out called 2112? Well- that's when I want to get married.
Jimmy: you're basing it around an album.
Florentine: Pretty much. But [the wedding] will be in 2012- next July.

You can watch the clip below or at this link. The Rush mention occurs at about the 1:30 mark.

Thanks to Cygnusx1991 and RushFanForever for the heads up.