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Mon, Aug 3, 2020

Dream Theater's John Petrucci talks Rush in new interview

Wed, Jun 15, 2011@2:15PM | comments

John Petrucci - Dream TheaterDream Theater guitarist John Petrucci was recently interviewed for Ultimate Classic Rock to discuss the band's upcoming 11th studio album and first without former drummer Mike Portnoy - A Dramatic Turn of Events. John had a few things to say regarding Rush:

... Where I lived, on Long Island, you had the radio stations that always played Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and AC/DC and all that. I grew up on all that stuff. I got turned onto bands - you know, the first time I heard Rush, the first time I heard Yes. Then, my mind started to want to connect and reach out to some other things. Then, Iron Maiden came along, and Metallica, and all this other stuff. ... You know, as kids were weren’t jazz musicians or anything. But, the circle of friends and the neighborhood I lived in, we were really big Rush freaks and Yes fans. We would listen to ‘Close to the Edge’ and ‘Hemispheres’ and ’2112′ — the more artsy, progressive stuff. Some of the guys were into King Crimson and Genesis and all that. ... There’s no plans right now to [cover a classic rock album], but certainly there’s ones that would be great. ... I mentioned the bands that we were influenced by, it would be great to do a Rush album, or something like that. We’ll see. ...

Thanks to ou812112 for the heads up.