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Mon, Aug 3, 2020

Learn Rush songs from Alex Lifeson himself with iVideosongs

Mon, Jun 6, 2011@8:55AM | comments

Darrin with his Alex Lifeson pickSongmaster Studios' online music education website first went live back in 2008. The site has video downloads of guitar pros demonstrating their playing technique and Alex Lifeson was one of the original artists featured. You can learn how to play Limelight, The Spirit of Radio and Tom Sawyer directly from Lerxst himself. Each downloadable video is shot in high definition with a 1280x720 resolution, is around 35-45 minutes long, and costs $4.99. Rush fan and RIAB member Darin Loccarini picked up the guitar back in 2003 and learned how to play some Rush tunes through iVideosongs. He was recently featured in an article discussing the online video lessons:

... Loccarini was front row at a RUSH show, holding up a poster that read, "Thanks for the iVideosongs Guitar Lessons." Mid-song, Mr. Lifeson gave Mr. Loccarini a warm ‘You’re welcome’, pausing and handing him a signature guitar pick. "RUSH is a band that respects and appreciates their fans," Mr. Loccarini said afterward. "They know we are instrument-driven and dig their musical experimentation and virtuosity." He considers the guitar pick the crown jewel among the RUSH memorabilia he has amassed over thirty years following the group. ... When Mr. Loccarini discovered, he was elated. "I am not wealthy," says Mr. Loccarini, "But I’m single, work hard, and sacrifice a lot to do it because RUSH is more than a band to so many people. They are beacons of virtues like work ethic, commitment to excellence, balancing fame, fortune, perseverance, and humility." The Lifeson lessons are among some of iVideosongs' most popular downloads. ... In June, Mr. Loccarini has commenced his hard-earned dream vacation, following RUSH across North America on its Time Machine Tour, attending every show in every city. He already has his next sign produced: "Alex, more iVideosongs, please!"

You can watch previews of Alex's lessons at this link. Here's a preview of the Limelight lesson: