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Wed, Oct 21, 2020

New interview with Geddy Lee in today's Birmingham Post

Fri, May 20, 2011@9:29AM | comments removed/disabled

There's a new interview with Geddy Lee in today's issue of the Birmingham Post. Geddy talks about wine, the tour, having fun with his bandmates, the making of Moving Pictures and how he stays healthy while on tour:

... Honest to god I train and work really hard at staying healthy before a tour, he says. I really have a very strict regime during show days; my trainer has designed a way of keeping me healthy it never works but I think he tries anyway!

You learn what you can take and what you cant take, he adds. For me its really important to get a lot of sleep. Being the primary singer it affects me in a different way from the other guys but I dont know how Neil drums for three hours the way he drums, and rides motorcycles hes a mad man but for me the next day is all about sleep.

After 40-plus years you learn who you are; Im a bit paranoid, Ive become a bit of a germaphobe because of how easy it is to get a throat infection.

Im fanatical with washing my hands and staying out of draughts and I do have a fear of hockey arenas because weve done a bunch on this tour already and sure enough I got a throat infection halfway through the tour coming into these really cold buildings with so much ice on the ground, sooner or later its gonna get you because the path of least resistance is your poor tired voicebox! ...

You can check out the entire article/interview at this link. Rush plays the Birmingham LG Arena this Sunday, May 22nd.

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