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Sun, Apr 21, 2024

Rush 2011 Time Machine Tour: New York open thread

Sun, Apr 10, 2011@12:04PM | comments removed/disabled

UPDATE - 4/28@9:02AM: Here's a review from and a photo gallery from

UPDATE - 4/13@11:20AM: Here's a great review from

UPDATE - 4/12@1:10PM: Here's a backstage interview with Geddy and Alex from And here's Eddie Trunk's brief take on the show (thanks twon):

... Rush were amazing last night at MSG. A perfect example of a band that is close to 40 years in, still the same guys, still at the top of their game. They have lost nothing! One of the most talented trios in history and such a cool connection with their audience which was a packed house last night. Songs from all eras including all of Moving Pictures, cool stage show, amazing sound. Just amazing. Long live Rush, and FUCK THE R&R HALL! ...

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UPDATE - 4/12@8:06AM: Here's a photo gallery from Time Out New York (thanks Hemispheres2008).

UPDATE - 4/11@7:29PM: Here's a 5-star review from (thanks Robert M).

UPDATE - 4/11@7:08PM: Here's a review from the Headbang blog (thanks Robert M).

UPDATE - 4/11@4:42PM: Official photos are now posted at the Rush on the Road Photo Store website.

UPDATE - 4/11@4:35PM: As I'd mentioned in Friday's Rush updates post, Rush and the New York Knicks were the subject of a joke on the Late Show with David Letterman last Wednesday. Dave mentioned how the Knicks made the playoffs and then showed a mock commercial where the announcer says:

The New York Knicks are NBA playoff bound. Since no one expected this, Madison Square Garden booked Rush (show brief video of Rush in concert) during the first round of the playoffs. So catch all the Knicks action at the Temple Beth Shalom rec center in Edison, NJ ...

You can watch the video at this link about 2 and a half minutes into Dave's monologue (thanks ishness).

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UPDATE - 4/11@1:04PM: Former professional baseball pitcher Curt Schilling also attended last night's show and tweeted the following (thanks Greg):

Just an amazing concert! They sound as good as they did 26 years ago and Geddy thanked me for helping him to multiple fantasy titles:)

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UPDATE - 4/11@12:56PM: Here's a short little review from Sound & Vision editor-in-chief Mike Mettler.

UPDATE - 4/11@11:01AM: Several folks report that legendary music industry veteran Cliff Burnstein was in attendance last night. Cliff was instrumental in getting Rush signed in the early days and makes an appearance in the Rush documentary.

UPDATE - 4/11@7:04AM: DJ Eddie Trunk was at the show and was live-tweeting throughout. He mentioned that actor Paul Rudd (from I Love You Man) was sitting behind him (thanks Santos).

UPDATE - 4/10@3:17PM: Here's a preview article from that reports that the show is sold out (thanks Sean). However, I just went on Ticketmaster and a floor seat popped up for me. Maybe they added some rows at the last minute? Whatever. Get them while you still can!

Rush brings the Time Machine Tour to the Big Apple tonight to play Madison Square Garden in New York City. These days it's hard to tell until after the fact, but it looks like it will be a sellout or close to it. Although as of this post, seats are still sporadically popping up on Ticketmaster. To everyone going to tonight's show, have fun, be safe and make sure to share your reports, reviews, and photos with us.

Date/Time: Sunday, April 10th @ 8PM
Show Number: 6
Venue: Madison Square Garden
Place: New York, NY

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