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Mon, Jul 15, 2024

Moving Pictures 5.1 surround sound remix Blu-ray release update

Wed, Mar 16, 2011@4:38PM | comments removed/disabled

UPDATE - 3/23@9:45PM: just sent out a newsletter which confirms the Best Buy exclusive offer:

... Please note: For US fans: The CD+BLURAY edition will be available in the US exclusively at Best Buy for the first 4 weeks and the CD + DVD version will be available to all retailers in the US starting April 5th!...

----- snip -----

Last week began listing the Blu-ray version of the Moving Pictures 5.1 surround sound remix with a release date of May 3rd rather than April 5th, and sent out notices to those who had already pre-ordered the package. However, the DVD version is still listed as releasing on April 5th. Now Power Windows is reporting the following updated information regarding the Blu-ray release:

Delay Update: It has been learned that the Moving Pictures - Deluxe Edition is still slated for an April 5th release. However, although nothing has yet been officially announced, it is rumored that while the CD/DVD edition will be available both in retail stores and via online retailers on April 5th, Best Buy will be the exclusive retailer for 30 days of the CD/Blu-Ray edition, i.e. it cannot be purchased elsewhere until May 3rd. It is unknown if the Best Buy edition will any additional content, stay tuned... had posted several details regarding the remix a few weeks ago including the following information:

... Both DVD & Blu-ray formats will boast the 5.1 surround sound and stereo audio in 96kHz/24-bit high-resolution audiophile playback which offers 256 times more resolution than CD audio, providing the listener with the closest experience you can have to what the artists hear in the studio. The DVD is playable on both DVD-Audio and DVD-Video players, the latter players will include Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound and PCM stereo playback. Blu-ray discs will also feature DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround sound in addition to 96kHz/24-bit PCM 5.1 surround sound and stereo. ... Also included in the package is an extensive gallery with previously unreleased photos from the original recording sessions, new liner notes by renowned music journalist David Fricke and 30th anniversary artwork by original album designer Hugh Syme.

You can read all the details from at this link and pre-order your copy of the remix at Amazon (CD+DVD, CD+Blu-ray).

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