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Sun, Jul 3, 2022

Canadian heavy metal band 3 Inches of Blood cover Rush's Anthem

Mon, Feb 28, 2011@6:55PM | comments removed/disabled

According to (thanks Power Windows), Vancouver-based heavy metal band 3 Inches of Blood have recorded a cover version of Rush's Anthem for their as-yet-unnamed forthcoming album:

... The band was recently in town recording new material at Shostroud Productions studio, which is co-owned by Terry "Sho" Murray (of Shocore/City Of Fire) and Fear Factory/Strapping Young Lad bassist Byron Stroud. There are no firm details on a new album title or release date yet, but as Shane reveals, they have recorded two new Clark-penned originals and a cover of Rush's 'Anthem'.

"For the last five years, I've had this compulsive Rush disorder," he laughs, explaining that his Rush obsession began when he saw their documentary Beyond The Lighted Stage.

"When that documentary came out, it just kicked that into high gear. It's just such a great movie. You get to know the whole band a little bit better. Alex Lifeson is one of my favourite guitar players. The way he plays, no one else sounds like him. That's very influential for me."

As Shane explains, it was Rush drummer Neil Peart's relationship with fans that really struck a chord with him.

"When I was young, going to shows, if I ever met one of my heroes and caught them on a bad day, my impression of the music would change. When you're young, you don't realize that these guys are on the road and could have been having a bad day. I just think about that when I meet younger fans who are really into guitar playing. I just make sure that I just answer their questions, if they have any, and just be nice." ...

Canadian thrash metal band Sacrifice also recorded a cover of Anthem on the Canadian release of their 2009 album The Ones I Condemn. The track was included on a recent limited release 7" vinyl split with Canadian thrash punk band Propagandhi who covers Corrosion of Conformity's Technocracy on the flip side. The first pressing of the 7" vinyl had sold out quickly but due to overwhelming demand, War On Music Records announced a second and final pressing last month and copies are still available. You can listen to the Sacrifice cover on YouTube at this link.

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