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Fri, Feb 21, 2020

Rush reference on last night's episode of Criminal Minds

Thu, Feb 17, 2011@12:50PM | comments

I received a ton of emails regarding a Rush reference that occurred on last night's episode of the CBS crime drama Criminal Minds (Season 6, Episode 15 - Today I Do). In one scene the killer (Jane) is trying to seduce the boyfriend (Lyle) of the woman she has abducted (Molly). So she slips in a Rush bootleg of a live version of Closer to the Heart (although it sounds more like the version on A Show of Hands). Lyle, who is drinking a beer on the couch, perks up when he here's the song:

... Turn that up ... this is the best damn bootleg that Rush ever did! How did you know this was my favorite? ...

Rush had announced that the reference would occur in a Facebook post last night stating that, If you watch tonight's episode of Criminal Minds, you'll hear Rush's "Closer To The Heart". You can check out the clip which contains the scene below or at this link (thanks weekley64). It occurs at around the 3:58 mark.