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Fri, Feb 21, 2020

Richard Chycki talks Rush in Sonnox Oxford plug-ins interview

Thu, Feb 10, 2011@9:31PM | comments

A couple of weeks ago Alex Lifeson revealed in a Classic Rock interview that Rush has been working on remixing their 2002 album Vapor Trails with the assistance of Rush engineer Rich Chycki, who had been responsible for re-mixing 2 tracks from the album - One Little Victory and Earthshine - for Rush's 2009 compilation album Retrospective 3. Chycki then posted some more details regarding the album re-mix at his website last week. Reader Scott_PA located a recent article/interview profiling Chycki at the Sonnox Oxford Plugins website titled Rich Chycki Sculpting Sounds With Sonnox For Rush. The article is very technical and obviously focused on Sonnox equipment, but Chycki mentions Rush a few times including this excerpt where he remarks on the Rush tracks he mixed for Guitar Hero:

... For surround work, all bussing is done in the box and I'm pretty happy with the results, so I'm experimenting with some all-in-the box configurations now. The Rush tracks for Guitar Hero are remixes done that way, and they hold up pretty well to the originals....

He then had the following interesting tidbit to say when asked about how he used the Sonnox Oxford Inflator:

Across the mix, as a touch of it goes a long way to add size without smashing it. In fact, Inflator was one of my ‘secret weapons’ to wrap up the remix of Rush’s One Little Victory on Retrospective 3.

He ends the interview by summing up what's on his plate for the near future... lots of Rush work!

I will be completing the recording and mixing of the rest of Rush’s Clockwork Angels CD in 2011, recording and mixing a new live DVD of Rush's current tour as well as doing some recording for Dream Theater.