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Thu, Sep 19, 2019

Rush Time Machine Tour: Santiago open thread

Sun, Oct 17, 2010@12:10PM | comments

UPDATE - 10/27@9:56AM: Here's a video news story from Chilean TV covering the concert (thanks Sean).

UPDATE - 10/23@9:23AM: Official photos have been posted over at in the Multimedia: Rush on the Road section.

UPDATE - 10/18@5:13PM: Reader troma located a BUNCH of reviews and photo galleries from the Chilean press. They are all in Spanish of course, but just use Google Translate to get a rough English translation.

Canal 13 (national TV station): link
Radio Cooperativa: link
La Tercera (national newspaper): link
La Tercera (printed article): link
La Tercera (nice pics): link
El Mercurio (national newspaper): link
El Mercurio (more pics): link
El Mercurio (HD pics): link
La Nación (national newspaper): link
Publimetro (ditto): link

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UPDATE - 10/18@12:25PM: Here's a video of Geddy's shout-out to the 33 rescued miners (thanks szunigab):

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UPDATE - 10/18@7:11AM: Rush dedicated Stick It Out to the 33 recently rescued Chilean miners and showed a picture of them on screen. And Alex used a guitar with the number 33 painted on it for a portion of the show (thanks kiwitron). Here's a review and photo gallery from along with a loose English translation (thanks katskahnne).

This is it. Rush closes out the Time Machine Tour tonight at the National Stadium in Santiago, Chile. Rush has never played Chile before, and close to 50,000 fans are expected to attend. Here's a preview article and interview with Geddy Lee from Chile's along with an English translation courtesy reader katskahnne, and another one from La Tercera (rough English translation). For all of our fellow Chilean Rush fans who are going to the show, have fun, be safe and make sure to share your photos/videos/reports.

Date/Time: Sunday, October 17th @ 7:30PM
Show Number: 44
Venue: National Stadium
Place: Santiago, Chile

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reviews: [reviews]