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Sun, Dec 15, 2019

Alex Lifeson on the longevity of Rush

Sat, Sep 11, 2010@9:49AM | comments

[In No Rush to Slow Down]

The Asbury Park Press published a short preview article for Rush's show at the PNC Bank Center last Friday which included some interview snippets from Alex Lifeson. The article is titled In No Rush to Slow Down and Alex comments on the longevity of Rush and what the future holds for the band:

... "I think it is remarkable," guitarist Alex Lifeson said. "You just don't see that in rock or in anything. I think the reason we have lasted this long is because we've always been friends. We're not guns for hire. We still have fun with each other. We still laugh together, and we still love playing our music." ...

..."We're fortunate that we have material that fans want to hear," Lifeson said. "Why not play those songs? We still love playing the favorites." ...

... "I don't think we'll ever be one of those bands that is just part of the nostalgia set," Lifeson said. "We always have music flowing through us. We can't stop creating new songs. Fortunately, our fans want to hear new stuff. That's especially so when it comes to the diehards. We balance things. We make the new, but we play plenty of the older stuff. It still feels great to play some of those solos. I don't see us deviating from that path."...

... "We've been doing this for a long time, and we want to continue doing it," Lifeson said. "There's no reason to stop. We got into this at a young age, and fortunately, it worked out well for us. This band means so much to us, and apparently to a lot of our fans as well. I hope we can keep going for years. We still have a lot left in us."

That last comment should be music to the ears of all Rush fans. Many thanks to katskahnne for bringing this to our attention.