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Thu, Apr 25, 2024

Rush Caravan release open thread

Mon, May 31, 2010@5:00PM | comments removed/disabled

UPDATE - 6/7@12:02PM: Caravan has debuted at #26 on the Mediabase Rock Chart. Please call your local rock stations and request the song so we can push it even higher.

UPDATE - 6/2@2:02PM: Caravan is currently the #3 downloaded rock song at the US iTunes store and #1 in Canada and Finland. Caravan and BU2B are #4 and #5 respectively at Amazon. These numbers change frequently so I won't be posting every update to the lists, but you can check out the links yourself to track the song's position. Very impressive.

UPDATE - 6/2@9:52AM: If you haven't purchased the tracks yet I highly suggest that you do, and do so legally to show support for the band. If you have doubts, you can listen to 40-second preview clips of both tracks at Amazon and other merchants, and several folks have uploaded the tracks to YouTube (Caravan, BU2B). These clips and the YouTube versions do not do the songs justice however. You really need to download the higher quality mp3s to get the full effect. Several readers have reported hearing the songs on the radio already. If you are willing and able, call your local rock radio stations and request the songs.

UPDATE - 6/1@10:49PM: Sorry for the lack of updates over the last couple of days. I was traveling and had only limited internet access. I'll be catching up with all the comments and emails the rest of this week. It looks like most everyone was able to successfully download the new tracks from the various digital music sellers out there. Thanks to everyone for all of their feedback, reviews and opinions (700+ comments!), and especially for keeping the discussion civil. The website has revamped its look and feel with the new Caravan and BU2B graphics/music. The PDF booklet that comes with the Caravan bundle includes the graphics and liner notes along with the lyrics to both songs. I've only just had a chance to listen to the tracks myself about an hour ago and am blown away. Rush is back!

The Caravan single along with its B-side BU2B will be released digitally via iTunes, Amazon and other outlets tomorrow, June 1st. We've known about this for a couple of weeks now due to Amazon's early listing of the single, but the release was officially announced earlier last week along with the title of Rush's next album, which will include these 2 tracks. Rush's 20th studio album will be called Clockwork Angels and get released sometime in the first half of 2011. Use this thread to discuss the new tracks and give us your thoughts/opinions.

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