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Sat, Jul 20, 2019

Complete Alex Lifeson Gibson interview now online

Thu, May 6, 2010@5:32PM | comments

The Gibson Interview: Alex Lifeson [part 1] [part 2]

Last Friday posted online the first part of their 2-part interview with Alex Lifeson that they conducted at the Gibson Custom Shop in Nashville. Alex reiterated much of what was said in his recent radio interviews but also added several details regarding the 2 new songs they just recorded including the Nashville studio they used:

... We are using Blackbird Studios - great studio. Really, really good studio. Our producer, Nick Raskulinecz, lives here. He moved here from Los Angeles last year and, unfortunately, in Toronto there are no good drum rooms. Most of the great studios that used to be there are gone. There are a couple still left, but it was a question of where we would record drums more than anything else. We thought about doing it in L.A. Neil lives there. It would be nice for him to be home while we were working, but those studios weren't available either and Blackbird was, and Nick had had some experience there and used it quite a bit, actually. And it's a great place. ...

Part 2 of the interview was posted earlier today (thanks Jeff H). In part 2 Alex talks about his various guitars, Moving Pictures and has this to say regarding their new material:

... itís in-your-face guitar stuff. Itís awesome, great. In fact, Iím really pleased with the way itís turned out. Everybodyís playing really well. Thereís great energy and thereís great rhythmic funk-ability going on there and some really cool stuff and I am really, really pleased with it ...

At the time of the interview they were still recording, so it must have taken place prior to the Tribeca Rush documentary premiere since Rush indicated in interviews after the premiere that they had finished recording.

On a side note, many readers have asked me whether the recent flooding in Nashville impacted the recording at all, and the answer to that is no since they were done before the flooding occurred. Even so, from what I understand Blackbird Studios is not in the area of the city affected by the floods.