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Wed, Nov 29, 2023

Rush radio interviews

Mon, Apr 26, 2010@4:32PM | comments removed/disabled

UPDATE - 4/30@11:31AM: I've added an Alex Lifeson interview with Allentown's WZZO from yesterday (thanks chutch15) to the player below. You can also download it at this link.

UPDATE - 4/29@8:05AM: Alex Lifeson was interviewed for WPYX in Albany yesterday and you can listen to the podcast at this link (thanks Sean F).

UPDATE - 4/28@10:37PM: Geddy Lee was interviewed on WKLH in Milwaukee Monday (thanks Foz). You can listen to it at this link and I've also added it to the player below.

UPDATE - 4/27@3:05PM: Alex Lifeson was interviewed this morning on WMMR in Philadelphia (thanks Lerxster). You can listen to the interview at this link and I've also added it to the player below.

UPDATE - 4/27@2:59PM: Spike of 94 WYSP in Philadelphia interviewed Geddy Lee this morning. You can listen to it at this link and I've also added it to the player below. Geddy addresses all the usual topics but also has something to say regarding the whole Olympics fiasco from earlier this year. He confirms that Rush was asked to perform and did consider it (which we knew already), but ultimately opted out due to the fact that they wanted them to lipsync.

UPDATE - 4/27@1:40PM: Reader chutch15 let me know that Alex was interviewed Monday morning for WZZO in Allentown, PA although it won't air until this coming Thursday morning on the Bearman and Keith show. I've added the KQRS Alex interview to the player below.

UPDATE - 4/27@8:52AM: This morning's Q104.3 interview with Alex Lifeson is now online at this link (thanks mommy_of_zuzu). I also added it to the player below. Alex talks a good bit about the documentary, the tour and mentions that the band plans to release one of their new songs to radio in about a month, and both songs will be released for purchase (CD single? mp3 download?) at the beginning of the tour.

It looks like Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson are on the radio interview circuit discussing the Rush documentary, the upcoming tour, new material and other assorted subjects this week on various rock radio stations across the country. These interviews rarely contain much in the way of new information and typically only last 5 or 10 minutes, but it's always nice to listen to the boys chat. On Sunday night both Geddy and Alex appeared on Q104.3's Out of the Box with Jonathan Clarke which you can listen to at this link or in the player below. Alex is also supposed to appear on the station tomorrow morning in the 7AM hour (thanks mommy_of_zuzu). Geddy Lee appeared on KLOS in Los Angeles this morning during the Mark and Brian show. Alex Lifeson appeared on Minnesota's KQRS this morning and you can listen to a rebroadcast of the show at this link; Alex is in part 3 of the 4/26 show at about the 47:30 mark (thanks hermy). And Geddy was on WRIF in Detroit earlier this afternoon. If you hear about any other interviews or find any links to podcasts/downloads of interviews that have already occurred, please let me know. I'll be updating this post and the player below as I gather more information.

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