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Wed, Feb 28, 2024

Geddy Lee reveals new song title in Rolling Stone interview

Wed, Apr 21, 2010@12:20PM | comments removed/disabled

[Rush's Return to the Limelight]

A new interview with Geddy Lee conducted by Rolling Stone's Greg Prato was released online early this morning. Geddy talks about the upcoming tour, the new material they've been working on, and the Moving Pictures album. When asked whether Rush would release some new songs to coincide with the tour Geddy says the following, revealing one of the song titles:

I'd imagine because we don't have time to do more than two at the moment we'll probably release one as soon as it's ready, before the tour starts, and then probably release the second one as the tour starts. But our hope was to really get something down on tape, so we could play these songs live and road test them in a way. We're still kind of throwing titles back in forth, but one is called Caravan.

Geddy goes on to say this about the Time Machine Tour:

... We thought it would be fun to put together a tour that was sort of "future/past," because those are some of the themes that are floating around the lyrical content and visual content that we're using for these new songs. So we thought, "Let's go out and do this Time Machine tour, where we can go mine our past, and at the same time, point to the future, try some new songs, and get us in shape." ...

And when asked about playing Moving Pictures in its entirety Geddy remarks:

... I think it's going to be an interesting challenge to play some of those songs, especially "The Camera Eye," a song we haven't played in years and years. Obviously, we'll probably do a slightly newer take on it. You never know what effect bringing older songs back has on you. There are times in the past that we thought, "There is no way we can make this song work," and then you get into rehearsal, you start playing it, and you're really pleasantly surprised how much you're enjoying it. And sometimes it takes on a whole new life. I think we've stopped being kind of cynical about our past in a way, and sometimes having a second look at an older song gives it a whole new story. ...

Thanks to Gary for the heads up.

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