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Mon, Jul 15, 2024

New Neil Peart interview with the Belleville Intelligencer

Fri, Feb 5, 2010@9:53AM | comments removed/disabled

[Back in the limelight]

UPDATE - 2/7@4:05PM: The article was also posted in today's Toronto Sun and several other papers.

UPDATE - 2/6@10:10AM: For some reason the article at the Belleville Intelligencer website has been taken down. No worries though, it also appeared in the St. Catharines Standard.

A new interview with Neil Peart appears in today's edition of the Belleville Intelligencer. They talk with Neil on a variety of subjects including his recent recording of The Hockey Theme for TSN, the outcome of the band's November meeting and Rush's next project:

... What's happening with Rush? I read on your blog that you were going to meet in November to discuss your future. What happened?

Well, in fact, we've just started working on new material. So we plan to get some writing and recording done. And we're considering doing everything this year -- maybe even a bit of touring. We are in action.

And we feel a bit liberated by the state of the music business. Even since 2006, when we started Snakes and Arrows,the album has become less significant in these times of iTunes and shuffle settings and whatnot. But perhaps we can take advantage of that and work in a whole different way. So we decided, when we did meet, that we're not constrained by the patterns of the past, where you spend a year writing and recording, and the next year touring. Anything's possible now; we can record a couple of songs and put them out and then go on tour if we want. So at this point, we're just embarking on writing, but keeping ourselves open to all those other possibilities. One of our early titles for this year was Research and Development. That's where we're at.

So you might start making music in smaller increments?

Or larger. I went to see a band called Porcupine Tree not long ago. And I was talking with (singer-guitarist) Steven Wilson. They just put out a 55- minute piece. That's a finger to the whole iTunes shuffle thing, and he intended it as such. And I thought, 'Yeah, that's another way of rebelling against it -- by just saying no.' There's too much lost in giving up the integrity of an album -- what it represents to you as a musician, and as a human being, for that matter. So I like that approach. That's very possible for a band like us. So there are no limitations; we might go big or we might go small.

Tell me about the new material -- are there songs, or is it just ideas at this point?

Oh, we just literally started. There's nothing to tell, really, except that we're doing it. ...

You can read the entire article online at this link. Thanks to RushFanForever for the heads up.

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