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Tue, Jul 23, 2024

Ed to guest on internet talk show Used Bin Radio tonight

Tue, Aug 11, 2009@10:47PM | comments removed/disabled

UPDATE - 8/12@8:11PM: The podcast is up. You can listen to it at this link. My part starts in at about the 35-minute mark and runs for close to a half hour.

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UPDATE - 8/12@10:06AM: I had a great time talking to Brad and Joe last night. Hopefully you got to listen in, but if not a podcast of the show should be available in the next couple of days at this link. A big congrats to RushFanForever for winning the Snakes & Arrows Blu-ray; he answered the Rush trivia question at the end of the show.

UPDATE - 8/11@10:58PM: I added some more information about tonight's show from the newsletter in the post below. The show starts in 2 minutes!

Used Bin Radio is a weekly internet radio talk show geared towards Classic, Modern and Progressive Rock. Hosts Joe and Brad are lifelong Rush fans as well as RIAB fans; their shows are chock full of Rush bumper music and references. The show airs live on Tuesday nights from 8-10PM PST (11-1 EST) and I'll be a guest on tonight's show if everything goes according to plan. You can listen live to the program on and it is also syndicated on and Past shows can be listened to via podcast at this link. Listen in if you get a chance.

From the show's newsletter:

Hey kids… get ready to “Take Off”... to the Great White North…?
Against our better judgment we’ve decided its time to release our inner Rush-geek...

Join us on Tuesday for...

This week we're pleased to welcome Ed Stenger, coordinator of the Rush news and info site We’ll be discussing the inner workings of the band, their music and the latest events in the world of our favorite Canadian trio.

And just to keep you on your toes, be sure to stay tuned for a chance to call in and win the new RUSH – Snakes & Arrows Live Blu-Ray disc.
(Courtesy of Anthem-Atlantic Records)

And as always, we'll review the latest music news (and a few naked photos of your mom)

We also wanna hear about what YOU’VE been listening to. So join the conversation...
Call us live... (Yes, that's right you'll hear your voice on the radio)
310 840-4438
(this phone number only works during our broadcast hours)
Or send us an email at

So join us, this Tuesday (and every Tuesday) for a 120 fun-filled, free-form minutes of tunes... talk... and talk about tunes...

Tuesday August 11
8PM PST (in Los Angeles)
...that's 9pm for you Central people...
...around 11pm for our East Coast pals...
...and 4am Wednesday morning for our British contingent…
...that’s 8:30 am Wednesday if you’re moving through Kashmir…
Tune in by clicking:
(Then click “LISTEN” and choose you’re preferred audio player)

You can also tune in and catch us live on:
catch the podcast at
check our latest video clips at
find us on iTunes at

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