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Sat, Aug 13, 2022

Neil Peart's original Slingerland drum kit sold on eBay for $25,100

Sun, Aug 9, 2009@1:59PM | comments removed/disabled

UPDATE - 8/9@9:42PM: Michael of knows the buyer of the kit and had this to say in the comments:

Well the auction is over and the kit was won by a great guy and serious RUSH collector. :-)

No, not me. I do know who and just got off the phone with him. Good news is that it won't be locked away in a basement. It won't be going to Toronto either.

We were discussing ideas of where it can be displayed for all to see. Right now we are talking my personal favorite place is the Percussive Arts Society Museum in Indianapolis. This museum is also host to the International Drummers Hall of Fame.

They have quite an impressive collection of drum kits including some used by Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa. How nice would it be to have this kit displayed alongside Buddy and Gene's?

We are also discussing another venue to display it at for one week but that will be announced later after arrangements are made.

This is going to be a fun project to work on! I think you will like what might be done with the used heads off the drums. :-)


Great news!

----- snip -----

Last week Neil Peart's original Slingerland drum kit (which he used from Fly By Night through 2112) was put up for auction on eBay by owners Main Drag Music in Brooklyn, New York. The auction ended earlier today and the winning bid was for $25,100! By viewing the bidding history you can see that there were a lot of 2112-inspired bids; one for $2,112, one for $12,112.12, and my personal favorite - $21,121.12. Congratulations to the winning bidder; let's hope they either donate it to a museum or otherwise make it accessible for fans to appreciate.

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