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Mon, Aug 3, 2020

Rush reference on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Thu, Aug 6, 2009@12:43PM | comments

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is an American late-night talk show on CBS hosted by Scottish American comedian Craig Ferguson. On Tuesday's show one of his guests was Survivorman creator and host Les Stroud. The 2 got to talking about the fact that Les is Canadian and once worked as a music video set builder. It turns out he worked on the set of Rush's The Big Money music video. Here's a transcript of the exchange courtesy GotRush at The Rush Forum:

l: we were both young then, you were probably in a punk band, i was in a rock band
c. yea, what, what, your Canadian though ?
l. yea, well your Scottish
c. what. . what band were you in....Rush ?
( both have a good laugh )
c. Were you in Rush, that would be awesome, Rush are Canadian
l. actually you know what, I actually, I built the board for the big money video, for Rush
c. ( looks at him with disbelief )
l. i used to be in rock video's building, building sets and stuff.
c. did you really
l. i built that board, yea yea....
c. so you have connection with Rush ?
l. so what do you do
c. in my wildest dreams I'd like to be.....
l. I was just in their office last week
c. what Rush ?
l. well, yea cause.....
c. They have an office
l. they do
c. that's not very rock and roll
l. BIG office with gold records, like....fill this room
c. really !
l. yea it was exciting actually
c. is the office in canada, is that where the....
l. ( laughs )
c. I thought Rush would live in a hollowed out volcano, or something like that
l. no, ya know, well ya know, so what you want to talk about
c. well we've done sharks, we've done Rush ...

And here's a video of the exchange. The Rush part begins at about the 7-minute mark.

Thanks to RushFanForever for the video link and the heads up.