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Mon, Aug 3, 2020

Neil Peart's original Slingerland drum kit now up for auction

Mon, Aug 3, 2009@11:53PM | comments


We learned last week that Neil Peart's original Slingerland drum kit (which he used from Fly By Night through 2112) is currently in the hands of Main Drag Music in Brooklyn, New York and would be put up for auction. We originally reported that Sotheby's Auction House would be handling the auction but Main Drag Music has decided to go through eBay instead. For more information or to place a bid go to at eBay. The auction runs through next Sunday, August 9th. From the item description:

Up for bidding is Neil Peart′s first Slingerland drum set purchased shortly after he joined Rush in late 1974 and used through the recording of 2112. It′s featured on the subsequent live album, All the World′s a Stage, both as a photographic centerpiece on the cover and sonically on the tracks. Peart′s solo on Working Man/Finding My Way from All the World′s a Stage is one of the most well known Drum solos in the world of Rock Drumming, and was introduced by Geddy Lee saying, “The Professor on the drum kit!” This set was also used to record Fly by Night, Caress of Steel, and as mentioned, their commercial breakthrough 2112. This is one of the most iconic drum sets from the world of Rock music and was highly influential--following the release of All the World′s a Stage drummers everywhere studied the cover photo and copied the setup, not to mention Peart′s style. Again, this is the very same drum set that was used on the record and is shown on the cover. It was played at first without the four concert toms, which were added later, circa 1975. ...

For the complete description along with plenty of pics go to at eBay.