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Sat, Dec 3, 2022

Vertical Horizon's Burning the Days featuring Neil Peart delayed

Mon, Jul 20, 2009@1:27PM | comments removed/disabled

A couple of weeks ago we finally learned some details regarding Neil Peart's involvement with Vertical Horizon's upcoming album Burning The Days; the album was slated for release on August 25th and Neil plays drums on three songs; namely Save Me From Myself, Even Now (which he also wrote the lyrics for) and Welcome to the Bottom. Unfortunately according to the official Vertical Horizon website and Twitter page the release date has been delayed until September 22nd. Neil Peart first informed us about this side project in one of his News updates on his website back in 2006. Neil and Vertical Horizon frontman Matt Scannell had become friends when Neil moved to Los Angeles as Neil describes in his two most recent books Roadshow and Travelling Music. Matt describes Neil's involvement in this interview from back in 2007 and this article details why the album was delayed for such a long time.

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