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Thu, Jul 18, 2019

Rock-and-roll amusement park to have Rush-themed concert hall

Thu, May 28, 2009@10:17AM | comments

Decades Music Theme Park is a new rock-and-roll-themed amusement park that is being built in Eloy, Arizona starting in 2010. It's currently still in the planning stages and their target date to open is in the Fall of 2013. The park will feature interconnected Lands and Districts that represent each decade of rock music with interactive thrill rides, live music and other attractions. One of the planned attractions is the Spirit of the Radio Concert Hall. From the website:

Modeled from the Rush album cover art “Spirit of the Radio”, this venue will be a more intimate indoor music theater. It will include 2,000 seats and serve as a regular space for tribute band performances, battle of the band competitions, a “New Artists’ Exposure Series” and bands with smaller audience draws. We also hope to lure the VH1 Music Awards to host their annual event at this site on a rotating basis.

Very cool. Hopefully they'll figure out that the song is actually titled The Spirit of Radio and not Spirit of the Radio before they start building it. :) Thanks to reader 7/8 for the heads up.