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Mon, Feb 6, 2023

Neil Peart June 2009 DRUM! Magazine cover feature details

Thu, May 7, 2009@11:12PM | comments removed/disabled

Back in February I mentioned that Neil Peart had agreed to answer questions from DRUM! Magazine readers for a cover feature in their June 2009 issue. The email campaign ended on March 15th and the magazine ended up receiving over 1000 responses! Several subscribers started receiving their copies in the mail today and thanks to Michael at and Echo at the Counterparts messageboard we have a list of the questions Neil answered along with the fans who posted them - no answers though (you'll have to buy the magazine for those). Two Three of the lucky 12 fans who had their questions answered are RIAB members Spindrifter, DrummerDad2112, and barboy2112; and one of them is Jason Bittner, drummer for metal band Shadows Fall. Here's the list:

1) What is your favorite live solo

Michael S. Conley of Sugar Hill, Georgia

2) I have read a number of interviews where you mention that when you get new cymbals you don't use them on stage. You have your drum tech put them on your practice set until they are "broken in." I'm not sure I have ever really understood this.

Jeff Kolln of Yelm, Washington

3) How often do you practice and for how long? Is it simply just the "warm up" sd we've seen on [the DVD] A Work In Progress, or do you warm up and move on to something else?

Kalman Kopcsandy of Oreland, Pennsylvania

4) As diverse a drummer as you have become, are there still techniques that other drummers employ that continue to elude your abilities? Or can you master anything you've heard or seen within ten minutes of attempting it yourself?

David Gostin of New Woodstock, New York

5) After watching Rush's latest video Snakes and Aarows live, I've become aware more than ever your use of electronic triggering on stage. Do you ever feel like a slave to technology?

Mike Douglas of Dallas, Texas

6) During the Grace Under Pressure tour, back in 1984, I heard you say that "Tom Sawyer will always be the hardest song for me to play." Twenty five years later is it still the hardest song for you to play?

Gary Boothe of Keller, Texas

7) You're known for changing your drum kit prior to each album tour. Have you ever made an attempt to go back to a much earlier setup just to see what might be the result in your playing style?

Ed Dobbins of Baltimore, Maryland

8) What do you do with your drum kits that you used during past tours?

Mike Fisher of St. Johns, Canada

9) My question is in regards to your rationale behind lowering your throne height over the last five years. Have you noticed greater ease playing, or any accompanying back problems commonly associated with lower throne height?

Jason Jecman of Lisle, Illinois

10) Why is the second solo missing from Natural Science when played live?

Will Holt pf Hampton, Virginia

11) Had you been given the chance to meet Buddy Rich or Gene Krupa, what would you have talked to them about?

Douglas Whelan of Puyallup, Washington

12) When I saw the Test For Echo tour multiple times, there was a point on one leg where I saw you playing with an elbow brace on. What was going on exactly at that time? How did you overcome injury while still managing to kick serious butt for more than three hours a night?

Jason Bittner drummer for Shadows Fall

The issue is due to hit newsstands on May 18th.

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