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Wed, Nov 13, 2019

New Rush t-shirts available this week

Tue, Apr 7, 2009@9:03PM | comments

UPDATE - 4/8@7:26AM: Owner/operator of and former rock journalist Howard Johnson (aka Hojo) also just put up a Rush-themed post at the Saltyrockz blog. This time he tackles the subject of Rush embroidery and denim jackets. Check it out here.

Last month - partly due to a push from RIAB readers - online rock t-shirt store released their first Rush-themed t-shirt. The shirt depicts a red Rush Star with the names Geddy, Alex, Neil superimposed over it which you can check out here. Due to the great response they got from this shirt, they've decided to roll out 3 more Rush shirts this week - one for each member of the band. Each shirt has a silhouette of the band member superimposed over the Rush Star. Today the Geddy Lee shirt was released, Thursday will be Alex Lifeson's turn and Neil Peart on Saturday, April 11th. You can check out images of the three designs by clicking on the above thumbnails. To place your order and to see all of the other rock t-shirts available just go to