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Fri, Nov 22, 2019

New Geddy Lee interview in Heeb magazine

Wed, Apr 1, 2009@2:10PM | comments

Geddy Lee in Heeb[A Show of Hands: Rock Heavyweight Geddy Lee]

Now that I've had my fun for the day, here's a real post. The latest issue of the Jewish magazine Heeb (issue #20) contains a great new interview with Geddy Lee which includes several humorous photos of Geddy mugging for the camera. Along with several run-of-the-mill interview subjects, Geddy discusses what it was like growing up Jewish and the role of Judaism in his life. When asked what Rush songs he relates to the most, he answers:

There are two specific songs on Roll The Bones (1991) that really get me—one of them is ‘Dreamline.’ I love the spirit of that song and the way Neil captures that feeling of wanderlust and invulnerability that comes in a particular trying time in your life. The other song is ‘Bravado,’ a totally romantic song and also an encouraging song about not holding back and being brave. I think going out on a limb and being contradictory to your inherent personality is a huge thing to do. Maybe that’s why I feel connected to that.

When asked how long he can keep up being a rock star, Geddy states:

It’s a question I asked myself all the time, but now I don’t. Now I go with the flow. The day that we can no longer squeeze a new idea out of these old bones that’s the day I pack it in.

You can read the entire interview at this link. Thanks to robertkincaid96 for the heads up.