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Mon, Feb 6, 2023

DRUM! Magazine receives over 1000 questions for Neil Peart

Thu, Mar 19, 2009@3:06PM | comments removed/disabled

[DRUM! Magazine's "Email Neil Peart Editorial Campaign" A Hit: 1000 Emails Received]

Back in February I mentioned that Neil Peart had agreed to answer questions from DRUM! Magazine readers for a cover feature in their June 2009 issue. The magazine had set up a mailbox to accept questions and given fans until March 15th to send theirs in. The campaign is now over and they ended up receiving over 1000 responses! From the press release:

... The emailed questions have varied from the most basic to the highly complex in regard to Peart’s drumming approach. During an initial audit, many questions posed to Peart focused on how his influences have been as well as more technical, such as how he developed such a diverse left hand approach.

“We were very intrigued by the initial results,” said Phil Hood, publisher and one of the founders of DRUM! Magazine. “Neil is just one of those drummers appreciated by drummers of all ages and walks of life so we anticipate a really diverse and cool story. As previously announced, Andy Doerschuk, editor and another founder of DRUM!, will take the questions and create and integrated editorial cover story. ...

... Fans who want to be ensured of getting a copy of the special June issue can subscribe at

Thanks to Josh at DRUM! Magazine for the heads up.

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