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Fri, Nov 22, 2019 Rush line-up t-shirt now available

Tue, Feb 24, 2009@1:43PM | comments

Rush t-shirt[ Rush line-up t-shirt]

A couple of weeks ago I asked everyone to go over to the Saltyrockz t-shirts site and vote for Rush. They were running a poll to determine the theme of their next t-shirt; Rush or Metallica. Saltyrockz owner/operator Howard Johnson (a former rock journalist who used to write for a number of UK rock magazines) emailed me to let me know that because of RIAB readers, Metallica was crushed in the poll and that their next shirt would have a Rush theme. True to his word, the t-shirt has arrived; you can check it out at this link. It has a red Rush Star with the names Geddy, Alex, Neil superimposed over it. Howard's weekly blog post also has a Rush theme. Howard invited his old Kerrang! magazine buddy and Rush friend Phil Wilding to recount his experience of basting the chickens on the Snakes & Arrows tour at the Birmingham show. You can read his blog post, titled Rush and the Vegetarian Chickens at this link.