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Thu, Sep 19, 2019

Geddy Lee talks Grammys, Rock Hall in new USA Today interview

Thu, Jan 29, 2009@10:07PM | comments

[Grammy for Rush? There's always hope]

Geddy Lee was recently interviewed by USA Today's Marco R. della Cava for an article titled Grammy for Rush? There's always hope. Geddy addresses the question of why after such a long and illustrious career Rush has yet to win a Grammy or be inducted in the Rock Hall:

... "We've gotten nominated before in the rock instrumental category, but I guess overall we're just not a typical Grammy band," ... "As for the Hall of Fame, maybe there's some personal bias there. Or perhaps we're still too young." ...

Rush was recently passed over yet again for induction in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for 2009, and is up for their 6th Grammy nomination in the Best Rock Instrumental category - which they've never won. Geddy also addresses the notion that Rush's fans are mostly nerds:

... "I think we appeal to a broader spectrum than just nerds," ... "But our music does require many listens, and the lyrics (written by Peart) offer a lot of depth. People who read books like our music, and I don't consider that a bad thing." ...

And the author also spoke with one special fan who I happen to know quite well to get the fan's point of view on the subject:

... The band's frequent allusions to science fiction are what captured Ed Stenger, a Web developer from Cleveland who created the popular fan site. "Their anti-establishment themes also appeal to me, songs like Free Will," he says. "I'd say most fans are male, and even nerdy. One thing's for sure: Rush is a band you love or hate." ...

My nerd comment was taken a bit out of context. In my defense, I went on to say that although the idea of the stereotypical Rush fan being a male, nerd may have been true back in the 70s, it's not so much the case these days. Damn ... I knew I shouldn't have brought up the n word. :)

Geddy concludes with this statement:

... "We're together now thanks to the fortitude that Neil had to come back," ... "After all these years, the creative juices still flow. It says a lot about our ability to stick around."