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Fri, Sep 20, 2019

RushCon 9 to remain in Toronto

Thu, Jan 8, 2009@9:26PM | comments

Back in early November the RushCon organizers surprised everyone when they revealed that they were considering having the 2009 convention in a city other than Toronto, where it's been held since its inception back in 2000. The potential alternate locations were Cleveland, Chicago, Las Vegas and Los Angeles and they put up a poll and asked for feedback to gauge people's opinions. Their poll had Cleveland way out in front with Chicago and Las Vegas in 2nd and 3rd (if I remember correctly - the poll seems to have vanished from their website). I conducted an identical poll on this website and got similar results. The results seemed to surprise a lot of people, which inspired this post detailing the important role of Cleveland in the history of Rush. Then the organizers quietly announced (I never received any newsletter about it, and as far as I know neither did anyone else) about a month ago that they were keeping the convention in Toronto:

After examining the poll results, feedback on various forums and discussion within the committee, it has been decided RushCon 9 will remain in Toronto.

Although we had hoped to try relocating the Con this year, certain late-breaking news led to the decision to keep RushCon in Toronto, for now. However, RushCon 10 may be out on the road, so keep your fingers crossed!

Thank you to everyone who voted in our poll and submitted feedback to us. We appreciate your input and support.

RushCon 9 has been tentatively scheduled for late July 2009. Exact dates are still being finalized, but keep watching here for further updates!

I'm not sure which forums they were reading or what poll results they were looking at, because based on that they should have chosen Cleveland. But I certainly understand if there were other reasons for not relocating the convention - namely the late breaking news they refer to. I'm intrigued! Maybe they are planning on having a really cool guest speaker or something. They promise to have more details in the near future. But for now, it looks like late July in Toronto for RushCon 9. Thanks to Zitro for the heads up.