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Wed, Nov 13, 2019

Snakes & Arrows DVD screengrabs

Wed, Nov 12, 2008@2:14PM | comments

UPDATE - 11/13@9:19AM: Eric over at Power Windows posted a few more details regarding the menu screen and packaging:

... Upon playing the DVD, viewers are greeted with Alex's genie head who says "Hello and welcome to the DVD, are you ready for some fun? I always am..." and "Have you adjusted your audio?" There is a full introduction including new dvd intro animation prior to the original concert intro film. While "What's That Smell" from the second leg of the tour is included as a bonus feature, the full "Plain Of Dharma" video (which served as the introduction to second set of the first leg of the tour) is included as part of the live show. Also included in the live show is the full South Park intro to "Tom Sawyer"; it is also accessible by its own chapter. The blooper reel for the production videos are said to be hilarious and worth the price of the video itself; Geddy has a very tough time following his script, and many more clips of Alex's "Plain of Dharma" video and Neil and Barbie dolls are included as well.

As far as the packaging itself, it is all cardboard digipak style, no plastic, and is normal DVD case size (in both width, height and thickness) folding out to 4 panels. One panel holds the booklet (which includes a couple pages of pictures, 3 pages of credits, and a dedication to Shelley Nott), then the next two panels hold the discs themselves (they slide into the cardboard like R30). Those three disc panels have a red lenses look at Holland windmills (also printed on the discs themselves). Other side of panels have snakeskin with arrow and names on one, and the "Working Them Angels" factory shot on the other. ...

----- snip -----

UPDATE - 11/12@9:53PM: Eric over at Power Windows has posted several additional screengrabs from the DVD in this photobucket album. In addition to the same 7 photos I posted earlier are several more concert footage screengrabs, 1 of Lil' Rush and one additional DVD menu shot. I've also added them to the slideshow.

Stewart over at the National Midday Sun has posted several screengrabs from the upcoming Snakes & Arrows DVD. There's 7 total - mostly from the behind-the-scenes footage but there's one of Geddy in concert and one of the DVD menu screen. You can see them using the slideshow viewer below. The DVD will be released on both DVD and Blu-ray on November 25th and is available for pre-order from Rounder, the Rush Backstage Club, Amazon and other online vendors. For complete details and tracklisting check out the official press release in this post.

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