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Fri, Nov 22, 2019

Neil Peart news update

Mon, Nov 3, 2008@9:15PM | comments

Neil Peart, the student[NEWS, WEATHER, and SPORTS - November, 2008: The Drums of October]

Now that the the Buddy Rich Memorial Concert is in the books, Neil Peart has taken some time out to update the News page on This update focuses exclusively on the concert, giving a detailed background and history of the show and those involved, how it developed, how Neil prepared for it and how it ultimately played out. Neil discusses at length about how he sought out the great jazz drummer Peter Erskine to help him hone his swing drumming skills. It's a very interesting read - one of Neil's best. So rather than pick and choose some excerpts to highlight, I encourage you to read the whole thing. Thanks to phreakinearl for the heads up.