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Wed, Nov 13, 2019

Camp Brutus hits the campaign trail

Sun, Sep 28, 2008@11:36AM | comments

ABC News Vote 2008If you've read Neil Peart's book Roadshow you are no doubt familiar with his tour bus driver Dave. Dave drove the bus affectionately known as Camp Brutus that ferried Neil Peart and friends and their bikes from show to show on the last few Rush tours. Dave has a MySpace page and posted an interesting bit of news yesterday regarding this particular bus and the 2008 presidential election:

September 27, 2008 - Saturday

A real news flash

For those who are interested, starting this week 9/27/08 I will be heading to Orlando with Neil's bus, affectionately known as Camp Brutus to work with ABC NEWS! The bus will be used to cover the election traveling from the debates and appearances of the Presidential candidates. He has leased this particular bus from Hemphill Brothers Coach for two years During Snakes and Arrows 2007, plus Snakes and Arrows the Surge 2008.

There have been a lot of cosmetic changes made to Camp Brutus it has been turned into a mobile news office. Anyone wanting to see the rear state room can now see it with a desk and couch, the bunk and closet area that housed the motorcycle gear with once again, more desks. The front lounge has stayed the same. The exterior is totally different being wrapped with new colors and ABC NEWS / VOTE 2008. Watch for interviews of candidates from inside of the bus. For all of you Rush fans this is a chance to see Neil's bus minus the trailer in a whole new light.

Be sure to watch ABC NEWS starting this week and for the next two weeks for your chance to see Camp Brutus in the national spotlight. I will post the schedule where we will be in an upcoming blog.

Cool. Thanks to windycitygirl for the heads up.